We're Back!

September 22, 2017 at 11:05 AM

Hello fellow Jedi! Production of the Unlikely Jedi comic can now resume!

What have we been up to since our last update?

Well, Jon got married and I had a second baby, so as you might imagine our hands have been pretty full! But now things have slowed down a bit, we can finally get back to telling the story of three friends in the real world who just happen to be Jedi.

But we can't do it without you!

We're a small operation, and we contribute what we can out of our own pockets, but the truth is we need your help.

Making a high quality comic takes time and talent, and to get one page professionally drawn and inked by our amazing comic book artist Abel Garcia each and every month, we need to raise $45.

That's $45 per page!

But we're not asking you to fund an entire page every single month, no no! All we're asking for is $1.

Whether it's a one-off donation or a monthly commitment, every little helps push us towards our monthly goal, and you'll get some sweet perks in exchange, like early access to the comic and access to our Discord channel (coming soon!).

So if you enjoy Unlikely Jedi and want to see us finish our amazing story, please consider supporting us for just $1!

Thank you so much!

Ryan & Jon

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Ryan Brain

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