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August 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM

When I first had the idea of doing a Kickstarter project to fund the comic, the hope was that we'd get enough to fund the entire 130 page graphic novel. That was incredibly naive for a number of reasons, and of course the original campaign failed miserably, reaching only £916 of our £6000 goal. I got swept up in the excitement and possibilities of Kickstarter launching in the UK, fully expecting massive media coverage of the most interesting projects coming out of the UK - oh which I was convinced Unlikely Jedi would be a candidate.

The media coverage never came. Neither did the backers.

Even the second campaign, this time over at Indiegogo, was flawed. We were asking for $3200 to fully make issue 1 - that's roughly 30 pages at $60 each, plus the cost to produce and ship all of the rewards. I spent a long time working out exactly how much to ask for, taking into account reward costs and expenses, and still we only raised 57% of our goal.

But by the time the campaign ended that no longer mattered.

Why it didn't occur to me earlier to colour the pages myself, thus substantially reducing Abel's fee, I'll never know. But in the last few days of the campaign, when the realisation dawned that we once again wouldn't hit our target, I started panickingly trying to figure out ways to reduce costs. And the obvious hit me like a brick.

So, by halving our production costs to what they frankly should have been all along, we were able to raise enough money to cover the creation of issue 1 in black and white, just leaving the time and effort it would take Jon and I to colour each page ourselves - which we'd of course do for free. I really kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner.

So that's the strategy we've adopted for issue 2!


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