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July 26, 2013 at 8:00 AM


By this point, Jon and I were pretty excited - after a year of looking we finally had an artist that was able to completely deliver what we wanted. Looking back on how this all began, back when we first decided to buy a camcorder between us and make "Shotgun", I never dreamed that I'd still be so in love with these characters as to be creating a comic based on them.

But there was a problem.

Jon and I just couldn't agree on which style we preferred. I really liked the more zany style on the right of the image, whereas Jon thought the more realistic style was more appropriate. In the end, we asked Abel to do us two drawings of the three main characters in both styles, so we could make a fair comparison.


As much as I still love that zany style, Jon was right - the other one is better for the kind of comic we're trying to make. But you may notice that my avatar is my character in that zany style :)

After we'd agreed on the style, Abel agreed to draw and colour a page from the script, as well as provide a high resolution wallpaper image we'd be able to use as Kickstarter rewards and promotional material, on the promise that he'd be paid if we made any money. From day one Abel has been a dream to work with, completely professional and infinitely patient as we worked together to nail the visual style of the comic, iteration after iteration.

Meanwhile, Jon and I set to work on planning the Kickstarter project. And you know what that meant:



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