funding issue 2

August 01, 2013 at 9:00 PM

If you're a fan of our Facebook Page you'll likely have already heard the news, but if not then here it is:

It's been 6 months to the day that we successfully funded issue 1 of Unlikely Jedi, and today we're OVER THE MOON to announce that we're launching the fund raising campaign for issue 2! On Sunday at 10PM BST, the Indiegogo campaign will go live, and you our kind supporters will get to see the reimagined pitch video and peruse the wide array of rewards for making a contribution!

Whether you're new to Unlikely Jedi or you've been with us from the beginning, now's your chance to show us you want more. You've seen half of issue 1, you've followed the story and seen the beautiful artwork, so this time you know what to expect. Do you wanna see more? HELL YEAH YOU DO! And we want to give it to you! So show us your support once again and check out the campaign when it goes live on Sunday! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates over the weekend, and you never know, we might just sneak in an extra page this week in celebration!

See you on Sunday!

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Ryan Brain

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