the end of the beginning

July 05, 2013 at 12:00 AM

As I write this, I've just finished colouring page 28- the last page of issue 1. And to celebrate the completion of our first issue, WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE! Hasn't Jon done a fantastic job?!

Friends of the comic will already know it's been a year of incredible creative achievements for us at Unlikely Jedi HQ, and we're so utterly thrilled to be able to finally put all the hard work to good use and get the comic out there. So thrilled in fact, that we wanted to share a rare photo of Jon (left) and me (Ryan, right) together:


Impressive, aren't we?

Beginning on Monday, 2 new pages will be posted every week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, for absolutely nothing. But wait! To celebrate the launch of the comic and the site, join us every day this weekend for a new page! Of course, if you're an Indiegogo campaign backer you'll likely also be receiving your digital copy of the book, and we'll be getting the physical copies printed any day now, but releasing issue 1 on the site every week gives new readers a chance to discover us, and hopefully spread the word, bringing in more supporters.

In other news, we’re about ready to go on our new campaign to fund issue 2! It still won’t be for a while yet, as despite the incredible support and loyalty our backers have all shown us, we don’t expect them to keep on handing over their hard earned money indefinitely! Instead, we need to build our audience before we launch the new campaign. But when we do, with any luck, a month later Abel can get started on drawing issue 2! In the meantime, help us build that audience by spreading the word! Use social media, word of mouth, email, anything you can to get peoples’ attention and help make Unlikely Jedi a success!

getting a physical copy of issue 1

Want to get your hands on a physical, signed copy of issue 1? For the next 7 days, hit the donate button at the bottom of the site and send us £5, and we'll get an extra copy printed for you when we do the main batch! Be sure to include your postage address at checkout, too!

It's been an incredibly rewarding experience so far, and we're so, so excited to see how far we can take this. With your help, the sky's the limit!

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Ryan Brain

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