...aaaand we're back

September 29, 2014 at 3:31 PM

Apologies for being so quiet over the last several months. After the disappointment of not reaching our funding goal for issue 2, we decided to take some time off. Getting Issue 1 made was a lot of work, and diving straight into trying to fund issue 2 was, in hindsight, a mistake. We couldn't expect our backers to support us again so soon after finishing issue 1, so we've taken this time to regroup, spend some time with our families, concentrate on our day jobs and figure out the next step for Unlikely Jedi.

And we have!

Jon and I will be funding the comic ourselves from now on. Unfortunately that means pages will be released very slowly - probably 1 per month. However, in addition to the DONATE button at the bottom of the site, which allows you to send a 1-time or recurring donation through paypal, we now have a presence over at Patreon, which gives you the option of supporting us every month, for as little as $1. As I've already said, the comic will be getting made again now no matter what, but you can always help us make more, more often. The release schedule is completely in your hands!

So get ready for Page 29, coming in November!

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